How does XCMG Schwing tackle concrete challenges?

Meet all types of equipment from the production and delivery of concrete to the construction site. Presented 360-Degree VR Videos reviews from XCMG Schwing for concrete mixer truck, concrete pump […]

Want to see how the XCMG dump truck looks in detail?

Meet the factory virtual reviews of several unique models! Featured 360-Degree VR Videos reviews for XCMG Truck Tractor, Four-axle Dump Truck, Hydrogen Fuel Dump Truck, and Off-Highway Diesel and Electric […]

XCMG is the №1 crane manufacturer in the world!

The authoritative international group KHL has released the ICM 20 ranking of the world’s largest crane manufacturers. Based on the results of 2020, XCMG topped the ranking with an incredible […]

183 → 187

XCMG’s internationalization front is just over half way to 2020 XCMG products are exported to 4 new countries and regions XCMG various types of construction equipment It is exported from […]