The Las Vegas International Construction Machinery Show, which is held every three years, provides world-famous construction equipment brands with a good opportunity to compete on the same stage. At the premiere of the world-famous construction machinery version of «Hollywood Blockbuster», XCMG’s «Two Diamond Products» became a hit, Huacai appeared, and the high-end smart atmosphere swept the audience. At the exhibition site, many visitors rushed to protest the two products and expressed their firm intention to buy them.

This time, two types of weapons, XCMG XRU313 Rotary Drilling Rig and XCMG XZ4055 Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig, which are in demand by customers, are on display. Both models are designed by XCMG specifically for the American market, focusing on the needs of the high-end market in Europe and America and the use of advanced technology.

Focus on high-end field leadership

XCMG XRU313 rotary drilling rig is mainly used for municipal pile foundation, electric power industry, bridge and building construction.

  • Environmentally friendly and efficient, powerful The XRU313 36 ton rotary drilling rig uses a 160 kW motor that meets North American TIER 4 emissions requirements.
  • High and deep, easily switchable With a maximum drilling diameter of 1.7m and a maximum drilling depth of 36m, its modular design enables convenient switching between two working heights of 8/16m to meet requirements in low altitude applications.
  • Hardcore equipment, ten-speed speed control The power head uses a ten-speed speed control mode, and the high-speed automatic soil dumping function can reach 120 rpm.
  • Winch swivel, convenient for lifting Adopt swivel type auxiliary winch pulley frame with large swing range, convenient for auxiliary lifting
  • Multi-level function, simple and convenient Equipped with bottom protection, automatic forward rotation of the power head, automatic backfilling, stepless pressure adjustment, etc., 12-inch touch screen display, simple and convenient operation

Innovations in smart manufacturing technologies

The XCMG XZ4055 horizontal directional drilling rig is a highly automated and environmentally friendly equipment. It breaks the research and development concept of conventional small-scale drilling rigs, and fully realizes the electronic control system, force dynamic feedback and response, working state detection, safety warning management and other intelligent control technologies. application.

  • Strong power, energy saving and environmental protection The engine uses Cummins turbocharged engine, the emissions of which meet North American Stage V emission standards, with strong power, energy saving and environmental protection.
  • Proprietary Mud Pump, Smooth Design Equipped with FMC brand 256L large flow mud pump, the mud flow is controlled remotely and steplessly, and the design provides a strong and large mud flow to ensure a smooth design.
  • Wide view, comfortable operation
  • Alarm management, safety protection This product also adopts protection technology, including electric shock alarm, ground-free side lock function and fault detection.

XCMG’s «two diamond products» have been exported to more than 70 countries and regions, including Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, and have been involved in the construction of large local engineering projects. The XR180DV participated in two housing projects in New York, USA and the XR80E participated in housing projects in Canada. In Mexico, the XR280DII participated in the Guadalajara light rail project, and the XR150DII participated in the construction of the Toluca-Santa Fe interurban railway… The high construction efficiency and the excellent quality of the equipment were well received by customers.

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