When choosing a truck crane, would you choose a conventional fuel, pure electric or hybrid installation? The answer is simple. It all depends on reliability, battery life and economy.
Long-term operation would be inevitably low if the crane were powered only by electricity. But the XCMG XCT25_EV, the world’s first hybrid crane, is capable of greater efficiency while delivering a greener environment, better fuel economy and quieter operation.

Electrical connection of the truck crane XCT25_EV

The XCMG XCT25_EV crane with a hybrid system is capable of operating within a radius of more than 800 km. The most significant factor is that its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 20 liters, which is quite comparable to some conventional cars.
A 55% increase in climbing ability, a top speed of 95 km/h, a maximum power of 290 kW and a smooth start are all incomparable to traditional machines. Charge in 1 hour and count on a range of 800 km (assuming the truck crane is fully fueled) on some conventional vehicles.

Блок аккумуляторов XCT25_EV
Battery pack XCT25_EV
 Зарядка блока аккумуляторов XCT25_EV
Charging the XCT25_EV battery pack
Панель приборов XCT25_EV
Dashboard XCT25_EV

The XCMG XCT25_EV crane is not a concept car, but a commercial serial production.

The main advantages of the XCMG XCT25_EV hybrid truck crane are:

  • Navigation radius 800 km
  • Silent Crane Boom Lift
  • Fuel economy