XCMG’s internationalization front is just over half way to 2020

XCMG products are exported to 4 new countries and regions

XCMG various types of construction equipment

It is exported from 183 countries and regions of the world

Expand to 187

The shining «Gold of Syugonia» is blooming all over the world.

In recent years, China’s construction machinery industry has repeatedly demanded a breakthrough in overseas expansion, and its global industrial status has been steadily improving. XCMG leads China’s construction machinery industry, accelerates overseas expansion and builds a solid global structure.

▲ In Las Vegas 2020, the six categories are comprehensive and are the strongest «shugong style».

At present, XCMG has 4 overseas R&D centers, 15 production bases, KD factories or joint ventures, 70 subsidiaries and offices, more than 300 distributors, 40 overseas offices and 40 large overseas spare parts. The center supports the export of Chinese construction equipment #1 for 31 consecutive years.

Entering 2020, under the influence of the new corona epidemic, the world economy will face severe pressure of recession. When the industry’s export sales fell sharply, XCMG not only «returned to work and resumed production», but also «completely and with high performance», maintaining the upward trend, and its brand name and independent export double first position became more stable.

W 183 to 187

What changes the number

Constant is the steadfast strength of XCMG.

Determination and determination to enter the global market

XCMG firmly believes

Foreign markets after defeating the epidemic

There should be a wider space and a bright future

In this age of the strong

XCMG International

Responsibility and mission

Showing the world

The unlimited potential of Chinese brands of construction equipment

The charm of China’s hardware industry