As a crane expert, we are dedicated to providing integrated and complete lifting solutions. The XGC88000 — «The World’s Largest Lifting Crane» is the world’s largest crawler crane.

All Terrain Crane
  • Based on extensive technological experience, XCMG off-road cranes are constantly leading the global revolution in crane technology. The XCA1200 off-road crane, an eight-axle, 1,200-ton crane with the highest lifting capacity in the industry, uses the world’s first self-folding special boom for wind power.
  • The market share of XCMG truck cranes in China is nearly 60%. XCMG’s unique and mature core technology comprehensively enhances equipment performance and creates superior value for customers. In this way, the crane can realize full boom coverage, more power, more efficiency, more stable operation, more economy and more reliable system.
Crawler Crane
  • XCMG XGC series crawler cranes, taking consumer demand as the focus and engineering adaptability as the strength, resolutely create an industry model! From 25 t to 4000 t, the XGC crawler cranes cover the most complete range.
  • XCMG off-road cranes with excellent performance can move on difficult road surfaces and have high off-road adaptability. They can be used for various purposes, have high lifting and driving efficiency, and provide convenient and fast load transfer without load.
tower crane
  • XCMG tower cranes are the first in the world to adopt balance detection system when disassembling and assembling the tower crane, which greatly improves the safety of disassembling and assembling the tower crane, and adopts collision avoidance technology for tower crane group operations, which can meet the construction requirements of various working conditions in various fields .
Cargo crane manipulator
  • The share of XCMG truck cranes in the Chinese market exceeds 50%. At present, XCMG truck cranes have formed more than 300 specifications and models in four series. They are characterized by high efficiency, strong mobility and multipurpose use.

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(eng.  Mobile crane , crane truck) — a boom-type crane that can be equipped with tower-boom equipment and moves without cargo, requiring no special tracks and whose stability is ensured by gravity.

Truck cranes are the most common of the entire group of self-propelled jib cranes.

Automobile cranes are assembled on the chassis of mass-produced trucks with installation of front and rear outriggers on the frame to ensure stability when the crane is working with a load and increase the load capacity. They can independently move on dirt roads and overcome slopes up to 20 °..

The main advantage of truck cranes is their high mobility, which makes it possible to quickly move them to objects remote from each other. When transported by rail, it is not necessary to disassemble them, as they fit into the gauge of the railway transport..

Working equipment

The main boom equipment of truck cranes includes:

  1. Telescopic booms with rigid suspension.
  2. Lattice arrows with flexible suspension.
  3. Tower-boom version (abbr. BSI).
  4. Arrows with jib.

Interchangeable equipment includes extension sections (inserts) or retractable sections for telescopic booms, as well as booms extended with jib.

The structure of the boom equipment also includes a boom chain hoist — for raising or lowering the boom.

As a load gripping body are used:

  1. For work with piece cargo — hook block.
  2. For work with bulk cargo — grab.

Drive unit

Automobile cranes distinguish between:

  1. Cranes with a single-engine drive, where all mechanisms are driven by the main internal combustion engine — the chassis engine.
  2. Cranes with multi-motor drive, in which each mechanism is driven by its own individual engine.

The following types of drive are used in automobile cranes:

  1. Mechanical drive. Includes base chassis propulsion unit, power take-off, gear box, junction box, power rope drums.
  2. Electric. It consists of a power plant of the base chassis, a power take-off, a generator that supplies electric current to the electric motors of the crane mechanisms.
  3. Hydraulic. It also has a chassis power plant connected to a power take-off, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic drive is compact, allows a wide range of stepless speed control, but has a low efficiency.
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